Consultancy & Advisory

Real estate lending/debt advisory

I am an experienced real estate lending, deal execution, risk and recovery specialist with 15 years experience in real estate finance transactions across capital structure, CMBS (UK/Germany) and VBA programming for structured finance. Experienced in working in multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments across Europe.

I have worked with:

  • Real Estate Investment Managers
  • Banks
  • Service providers
  • Regulators

I provide consultancy and advisory in the following areas:

  • real estate credit analysis
  • rating and default modelling for CMBS/RMBS, real estate loan book
  • credit risk reporting process, early warning indicators, Basel II risk weighting optimisation
  • risk & return pricing
  • debt sourcing

Summary of previous experience:

Financial Management – I have structured debt & equity refinancing of >€10bn. Developed risk metrics, monitoring risk processes, structured CMBS for securitization exit. Presented portfolio performance and risk assessment to regular management boards – Chief Executive, CIO, Executive Management. Managed new business projects and research projects globally of varying time length (3month – 3years).

Transaction management –I have led deal/contract negotiations for new lending, restructurings, loan sales, asset management, insolvency/administrator/receiver co-operation (UK/Germany), deal size €10m – €1bn.

Project management – I have delivered analytical models and business strategies under strict timeline, business engagement and management internally and externally. Reviewed & validated asset management business plans. Led projects and transaction teams of 2-3 people across Europe. Assessed portfolio strategy and effectiveness of key business functions up to senior executive level within investment/wealth management firms.

Strategic risk management – I have delivered strategies improving profitability and risk management (Banking sector risk models – BaFin/BoE F-IRBA, A-IRBA, Basel II). Developed & reviewed risk policies and rating models. Established and re-designed risk reporting processes. Assessed capital charges for real estate/alternative investments within the banking industry.

Business development – I wrote successful business plans and established real estate indices in Switzerland and Italy for IPD/MSCI. Redesigned rating methodologies for alternative assets/managed funds for rating business. Established new partnerships for business expansion in Europe.


Dr. Nicole Lux Bio

She has over 15 years experience in real estate analysis and 10 years experience in bank lending specialising in CMBS origination, structuring and real estate finance. While working at Moody’s Investor Service, she developed business plans and approaches for new rating business and lead annual rating meetings with a large amount of investment firms such as HSBC, Coutts, Vontobel, Deutsche Asset Management, Nomura, and Standard Chartered.

From Moody’s she joint Citigroup’s CMBS conduit platform in 2007 as an associate in origination where she worked with European borrowers including Europa Capital, Henderson Global Investors, Blackstone and Morgan Stanley originating loans from £50m – £1bn. Continuing from the crisis she has been working in distressed loan restructuring, loan sales and workout since 2009.

Between 2011 and 2015 Nicole worked as a Vice President at Deutsche Bank NCOU, a division at Deutsche Bank which deals with loan re-structuring and workout. She has worked with individual borrowers, bank syndicates and securitised loans on the refinancing of >£1bn loans. One of her key involvements has been the sale of the £1.3bn Deutsche Postbank portfolio end 2013 (known as Project Tower). Nicole started her career with IPD (MSCI) as manager of the Swiss and Italian real estate indices in 2000. She holds a PhD Agricultural Economics from the University of Reading, a Master’s degree from the University of Hanover in Germany. Since her PhD in 2002 she has been a regular conference speaker and is the main author of “Assessing real estate risk – models, concepts, methods”, published in 2012 by Euromoney, London