New Real Estate Investment Research on South America

There is a lack of research and relevant studies for investment in South America to help guide investors, developers and researchers.  Hence we have joined forces to address this issue. This exciting new project focuses on real estate investment markets and urban development in South America covering commercial, residential and infrastructure sectors. The research presents a number of case studies from practitioners to expose risks that are connected to the urban development, market transparency, regulatory barriers in each market analysed. It provides a guide for investors, developers and policymaking organisations by identifying risks and opportunities in each market. Key areas include:

  • Economic drivers
  • Real estate market fundamentals
  • Commercial real estate, key players, risks
  • Residential real estate, key players, risks
  • Real estate funding vehicles
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure development
  • Assessment of policies and market entry barriers

This research will be the first of its kind to cover real estate markets in South America. The trans-disciplinary approach is original and provides a model framework for analysis to connect theory to observed reality.

eisenmann-and-the-mediaMore about development and urbanism here!

Successful development is closely related to good urban practice and design, which integrates sustainable mobility and public transport as well as public open space and social infrastructure. The research will explore how well these aspects have been addressed in the case-studies and analyse the relationship between commercial success and these aspects.

This research will be available end of 2016. Find out more about the authors:

Dr Claudia Murray is a research follow at the University of Reading. She has a doctorate from King’s College London and is an expert in housing and real estate development in South America. She has published extensive papers on housing and real estate markets.

Dr Nicole Lux is a real estate professional in London and Frankfurt with over 15 years experience in real estate equity investing and risk analysis. She has worked at major international banks and is a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School and guest lecturer at Said, Oxford Business School.

Dr Eliane Monetti is a lecturer at the University of São Paolo School of Civil Engineering. She has a doctorate in construction and urban engineering and has published extensive papers on urbanism and real estate markets. She is a co-founder of the Real Estate Research Group at University of São Paolo.

Camilla Ween is an architect, Havard Loeb Follow, urbanist and expert in the integration of transportation into city development. She worked for Transport for London for 11 years, advising the Mayor on land use planning and policy. She writes extensively on urban issues. Her book Future Cities was published in 2014.

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